Modern Web Platforms

Websites these days need to be created quickly without sacrificing quality. We design and develop with agility to make sure there's a beautiful experience across any screen size or device, and one that can mature with the growth of your business.

E-Commerce Websites

We offer amazing eCommerce website development service. We at Sofnix recognize that every business is unique, hence We view web design from a creative and strategic perspective.

Mobile Apps

Writing native code for iOS and Android results in the best user experiences, and by combining strong designers with seasoned developers, we can execute on even the most complex interfaces.

SEO Optimization

The content on your website which is the major factor in deciding your site ranking on search engines. The content needs to be SEO friendly and appealing at the same time. Sofnix has a dedicated team to make your content alive.


Chatbot is an essential element to any business moving towards Digital transformation. It enhances customer interaction and provides them best in domain support. Chatbots can be implemented across different industry verticals as they can take care of multiple services like complains, customer care, and feedback, booking, searching, handling payment procedure etc.
We provide highly intelligent and sophisticated chatbot solutions that can be implemented into diverse domains such as e-commerce, customer support, entertainment, delivery services or healthcare.

Cloud Migration

Taking the first step is often the hardest for for a medium to small level businesses. Cloud migration paves the way for the exciting innovations to come – while ensuring you can overcome barriers imposed by your legacy systems. We will enable your internal teams to focus on innovative, value-add projects, which delivers business value rather than maintenance. We will make sure that your business yields the full benefits of the cloud, while driving the cost down. Our cloud expertise will help you to achieve your objectives for digital transformation.

Cloud-Based Application Development

We deliver Cloud-Based application development solutions that can accommodate to a large number of industries. We offer end to end software development services that includes consulting, requirement analysis, strategizing, creating the model, development, integration, quality assurance, and maintenance.

Hardware Migration

Our consultant will guide you about migration of your computer hardware servers to cloud. We provide a smooth and seamless migration of hardware to virtual servers in the cloud and making you free of worries for the maintenance of your hardware.

Database Migration

We provide you with the services to migrate your database to Amazon RDS. So you do not have to manage the separate server for your databases or to worry about any data loss or security issues. In addition to that making to cost efficient almost 3 times than you traditional server management.

Content Migration

We provide you with solution to your static content e.g. media files, documents and other files that are dependent on storage availability. We guide to have virtually unlimited storage capacity and accessing your resources much faster and secure than traditional storage management.

Amazon/e-Bay Branding

If you are a seller and want to beat your competition by effective presence on Amazon, eBay or other major online stores then you can utilize our branding solutions at very reasonable costs while ensuring quality. We can also setup blogs and perform on-page and off-page SEO optimizations along with customized paid marketing campaigns via Facebook and Google Adwords to drive more customers to your website. Let’s connect and we will design a customized solution for your business case.

Optimization for Processes and Tools

Sofnix Specializes in Process and tool optimization. Being Agile, we employ continuous improvements and customized best practices to achieve better results. If you are looking to fine tune your tools and processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency then our experts will help you determine high impact improvements through various parameters, heuristic data analysis and setting KPIs to make smarter decisions.

Alexa Skill

We have continued to expand our technical prowess and service offering over the past few years. We are extremely excited about the opportunities that smart speakers, voice technology and Voice User Interface (VUI) present and are even more pleased to be at the forefront of Amazon Alexa skill development. Voice is quickly becoming an important interface for how consumers engage with the digital world and leading this trend is Amazon’s Alexa platform and Echo line of smart home speaker products.
VUI is the next step you want to take to promote your brand and provide an engaging customer experience for your loyal customers. If you are in need of a mobile app or Alexa Skill Developer, please feel free to contact us.

Agile Software Development Services

We offer software development services with a process of continuous feedback and agile development framework. With iterative planning and feedback loop, we ensure the maximized value delivery of our services throughout the development process. From simple customizations to full-cycle custom software development, we work at every stage of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) i.e. conceptualizing, requirement gathering, design, development testing, and deployment.
Our full-stack developers are well experienced in developing robust and efficient systems. In-depth expertise in development using Agile development methodology, DevOps, Tools & Technologies, and CI/CD enables our team to deliver the software with desired outcome.

Software Quality Engineering

We cater software testing services and quality assurance services for desktop and mobile applications, to meet the most stringent quality standards. Our testing experts are proficient in varied software testing methodologies, platforms, tools, and standards that enable us to apply integrated testing strategies and bring finest software solutions.
With adoption to industry standard software testing models & techniques, we ensure quality and deliver best solution at minimum risk. Our processes driven approach yields ZERO defect products and solutions for our customers.

Data Conversion

Sofnix provides high quality Data Conversion service for various formats including PDF, Word, HTML, ePub and XML.